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Post Surgical Compression Bra/Vest: - Post surgical after catheter is placed the strap help hold in place as the design strap width and position. Also provides easy access for treatment . Giving Dignity due to Velcro lift up strap The front opening and straps allow for patient to apply and wear with confidence and Comfort. Post Surgical Compression Bra: - Reduction - Mastectomy - Reconstruction - Lumpectomy - Lift - Biopsy - Augmentation - Lumpectomy - Fine Needle Aspiration - Dialysis, Patient with chest catheter - Chemotherapy for chest port (Special Strap Design) - Nephrology (offers special strap design) - Cardio Thoracic Surgery (Offers Compression and Fit) - Elderly and Arthritic (Easy front & strap Velcro closures) - Sports Bra (Great Support and Fits securely, breast support)
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