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Headline It!

HEADLINE IT! is a thin, disposable liner made from high tech wick wear, designed to fit into any hat, helmet, wig or headwear item helping to increase SAFETY, HYGIENE & COMFORT. As the number one ‘PATENTED’ accessory for hard hats, bump caps, wigs, helmets, baseball caps, golf hats, motorcycle helmets, scarves, and any other headwear items, Headline it! can help anyone using headwear! The liners STOP SWEAT from rolling into and burning your eyes! The liners hold up to four times their weight in sweat, while evaporating on a continual basis, keeping the head COOLER in the summer and WARMER in the winter! The back SMS layer traps the oils, salts and odors, helping to protect your favorite caps, wigs and headwear items from salt stains and odors. Each disposable liner lasts about a week- ten days, and there are 10 individually wrapped liners per box – which is about a two month supply!
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